SCOPE-Strengthening Community Partnership & Empowerment

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Strengthening Community Empowerment and Partnership (SCOPE)Strengthening Community Empowerment and Partnership (SCOPE)

Strengthening Community Empowerment and Partnership (SCOPE)


The Organization

Strengthening Community Empowerment and Partnership (SCOPE)Founded in Vitengeni in 1999, SCOPE (Strengthening Community Partnership and Empowerment) strives to empower local communities to improve their social well-being through partnerships, strengthening their potential and assisting in developing self-sustaining initiatives to address their needs. SCOPE is a Kenya-based NGO, established by a multi-disciplinary team of volunteer professionals, now headquartered in Kilifi.  SCOPE serves all Districts in Kilifi County with projects funded through many partnerships.  Read More….

Who we serve

Strengthening Community Empowerment and PartnershipIn partnership with the USAID-funded APHIA II Coast program, SCOPE has been implementing HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) prevention programs that promote behaviour change through peer education, counseling and testing. Our program builds on local knowledge and contacts within our community, our relationship built over the years working with the Ministry of Health and the expertise of our funding partners to link people to health and other support services. Read More….

Thematic Areas

Women Empowerment

Our target communities majorly vary considering the running project at the moment and thus far we have cut across all demographics through the..

Child Protection

Prevention and withdrawal of children from child labour through community empowerment in Kilifi Central Location, Tezo area.   SCOPE was among the..

Economic Well being

SCOPE’s wide range of work also includes facilitation of business training. SCOPE has facilitated a number of business training targeting various..

Mission & Vision


A leading regional organization empowering disadvantaged communities embrace self sustaining livelihoods.


Empowering local communities improve their social well being through partnerships, strengthening their potential and assisting in developing self sustaining initiatives to address their needs.


Our Approach

Social Behavioural Change

The program was carried out across four East Africa countries namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. These countries were identified to build an..


The project started on December 2013 and ended on May 2014 and was conducted in three locations in Kilifi County namely Chonyi, Chumani and Matsangoni..

Field Mobilization

The project shall be executed through different   approaches including Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Community Strategy, ‘Uzalendo’ Youth Camps..

Community Placement Programs (C.P.P)

SCOPE through its community placement program has worked with volunteers from different countries and within Kenya to offer their much needed services to the community. The program offers opportunity to both professional and students who have willingness to work for others without the expectations of pay or any tangible gain. The activity takes 3months for individuals involved. 

Impact and Success Stories

Scope Recruits Celebrity Champions Against Child Labour

Biff is a Producer for Royal Media Services (RMS), owners of radio and television outlets throughout Kenya and Morning Presenter for KUDZACHA Radio..

Child Labour

With their roots in the Coastal region, George Biff and Masha Mapenzi were found to be best suited champions for a project to eliminate Child Labor..

Healthy Options, A Best Practice From Mbaoni Village Of Mwangatini CU

Mzee Shanga’s home is one exemplary home in the adoption and maintenance of healthy seeking behaviors. Being a village elder in the Provisional..