SCOPE-Strengthening Community Partnership & Empowerment

The Organization

The Organization was founded in Vitengeni in 1999, SCOPE (Strengthening Community Partnership and Empowerment) strives to empower local communities to improve their social well-being through partnerships, strengthening their potential and assisting in developing self-sustaining initiatives to address their needs.

SCOPE is a Kenya-based NGO, established by a multi-disciplinary team of volunteer professionals, now headquartered in Kilifi.  SCOPE serves all Districts in Kilifi County with projects funded through many partnerships.

The OrganizationIn order to battle the cycle of poverty and its effects, SCOPE has worked with USAID, APHIA II, FHI, PSI/K, the Ministry of Health, World Food Program, the Ministry of Agriculture, International Labour Organization, Population Council, VSO Jitolee and the US Peace Corps.

A Board of Directors governs SCOPE, overseeing a Management team headed by the Executive Director.

SCOPE serves the community by:

  • Helping people living with HIV/AIDS with testing, counseling and nutrition support
  • Providing support for children to stay in school and raising awareness of the issue of child labour
  • Teaching life skills and empowering youth to expand their opportunities and support efforts to delay early marriage
  • Training people in disadvantaged communities with business skills needed to establish viable income generating activities to improve their lives

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Our target communities majorly vary considering the running project at the moment and thus far we have cut across all demographics through the activities that we have undertaken. However our focal point of work is on communities living in rural areas and in impoverished deplorable living standards. These communities lack the prerequisite knowledge and skills to help deal with upcoming situations such as prevalent diseases and lack means of combating these same diseases.  Read More….


SCOPE works with various government institutions, local agencies and non-governmental organizations to drive forth its agenda of social change in the communities. Our partners in our projects include Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Local Governments, World Food Programme,   USAID, International labour organization, US Peace Corps, Population Council, APHIA II, FHI, PSI/K, VSO Jitolee just but to mention a few.