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Who we serve

Who we serve

Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

In partnership with the USAID-funded APHIA II Coast program, SCOPE has been implementing HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) prevention programs that promote behavior change through peer education, counseling and testing.

Our program builds on local knowledge and contacts within our community, our relationship built over the years working with the Ministry of Health and the expertise of our funding partners to link people to health and other support services.

Our HIV program is closely linked to other interventions in food security and business development designed to enhance livelihoods.  SCOPE offers an HTC center at the offices in Kilifi, Kaloleni and Vitengeni. In addition, SCOPE staff and volunteers conduct regular door-to-door HTC programs and set up testing at community events.

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Who we serveSCOPE is also active in a project funded by the National Aids Control Council and being carried out in selected sites within the Bahari division to support the established Community Units to integrate HIV and AIDS services in line with the Community Strategy and in consultation with the DHMT.  The project has the following objectives

  • Enhance community access to health care.
  • Strengthen the capacity of all structures.
  • Strengthen the linkage between community and facility based services.
  • To increase awareness of and access to information on HIV/AIDS transmission among youth, men and women.
  • To use existing socio economic and cultural structures in implementation of BCC interventions.

SCOPE has distributed more than 1 million condoms, referred over 50,000 people for medical care and reached over 360,000 people with messages on HIV prevention.

“I am a changed person, now I am living positively with my family. The peer education training has given me communication skills and the confidence to disclose my status and reach out to my community members with messages on HIV prevention and care.” Mr. Ndago, the Chief Chonyi of Chasimba Location, addressing guests at his wedding. He disclosed his HIV status publicly after attending peer educator training organized by SCOPE.

Since then, 15 members of his family have been tested for HIV and known their status.

Children, Youth & Families

In partnership with the International Labour Organisation and the US Department of Labour, SCOPE has been working to address the issue of child labour that is all too common on the Coast.  The objective of this project is to contribute to the elimination of child labour in Kilifi Central Location while its immediate objectives are:

  • Families, teachers, children, key stakeholders and the general community within Kilifi central zone to be well empowered and sensitized on issues of children rights and responsibilities with emphasis on  child labour and the capacity of both the DCLCs and LCLCs strengthened.
  • 680 children engaged in child labour or at risk of dropping out of school to engage in child labour will have been removed and/or prevented from engaging in child labour, provided with either education or training services or withdrawn by protection and 90 families supported to initiate IGAs.

Working with the Population Council, SCOPE facilitated a research project to identify ways to effectively intervene to increase the age of marriage for adolescent girls in Kilifi.  The goal of this project was to develop and implement culturally-appropriate programs to delay the age at marriage in Kilifi County, Coast Province, Kenya.  Specific objectives were:

  • To increase awareness and education at the community level on the negative effects of early marriage
  • To promote girls’ education through the provision of educational subsidies
  • To provide girls social support to achieve their educational goals
  • To offset the economic gains made in marriage transactions through the provision of community incentives

SCOPE recently announced a new partnership with Population Services International/Kenya (PSI/K) to implement the APHIAplus Health Communications Marketing program in Kenya’s Coast region.  This project will involve strengthening the capacity of Community Units, Community Based Organisations and Faith Based Organizations on the Coast to implement social marketing and Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) initiatives through:

  • Training of the Organisations to carry out rural distribution of PSI/Kenya Social Marketed products (including water purification products, condoms, and malaria nets)
  • Social marketing and SBCC initiatives through brand promotion, to create and sustain awareness and knowledge of the availability and location of the socially marketed brands
  • Partnering with the Government of Kenya, civil society, and the private sector to leverage resources, increase efficiencies, and achieve project results
  • Supportive supervision monitoring and evaluation of to the organisations’ activities through; Peer Educators /Mentors, Education Training, Monthly sharing meetings


SCOPE works with various government institutions, local agencies and non-governmental organizations to drive forth its agenda of social change in the communities. Our partners in our projects include Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Local Governments, World Food Programme,   USAID, International labour organization, US Peace Corps, Population Council, APHIA II, FHI, PSI/K, VSO Jitolee just but to mention a few.